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Frequently Asked Questions Article

Trees have been around since the dawn of time and still play a big role in the aesthetics of a landscape. That said, they do need human intervention from time to time, which is when a professional tree service such as Carol's Tree Service comes into play. We created a questions and answers article to provide information so our readers can make a more informed decision when it comes to hiring any of our services.

Why your services?

Our company opened in 2016; however, our contractors have 20 years of experience to call upon. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, safety, reliability, and attention to detail is known throughout the Wilmington, DE area. We use the highest-grade tools, materials, and industrial equipment. We provide tree removal services; however, more on our services further in this article.

Does the company take credit cards?

We sure do; our stump grinding service accepts MasterCard, checks, Visa, cash, Discover, and American Express, your choice.

I only need your services as a one-off. Does that mean I will have to sign a contract?

No, that is a question that is frequently asked of us by clients that still call upon our services even now.

Does the company work with commercial clients?

Yes, we work with residential and commercial customers.

What about discounts?

15% is given for any job that is over $500, and 10% is given to seniors.

Is the company insured?

Of course, we are. Some of the jobs we undertake can be hazardous, not only for us but for the surrounding area. So to give our clients and our crew peace of mind, we make sure that all the bases are covered.

Is the Wilmington, DE region the only area the company covers?

No, our tree pruning service works in:

  • Bellefonte, DE;

  • Greenville, DE;

  • Edgemoor, DE;

  • New Castle, DE;

  • Hockessin, DE.

What about a free estimate?

We supply these with all our services, as should every like-minded company.

What can I expect with regard to services?

No problem; please read the following list:

  • Stump Grinding;

  • Tree Removal;

  • Tree Pruning;

  • Crane Services;

  • Tree Care;

  • Seeding;

  • Sodding;

  • 24/7 Emergencies;

  • and more;

Information on these is available, and we would be delighted to fill you in further on any of the aforementioned services.

Does the company offer any emergency services?

We do indeed; when working with trees, they can be quite temperamental, so our services are available out of hours in times of crisis.

When is Carol's Tree Service available to receive calls?

Our working hours are listed below:

Monday – Sunday: 8 AM – 5 PM

The company has not been open for that long; is it possible to read feedback?

It is not only possible but probable. This is what our testimonial page was created for, as most of our customers have left feedback on what they thought of our prices and services there.

If our questions and answers article inspired you enough to make an appointment with our professional stump grinding service or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to call us at this number (302) 792-2000 now within our working hours.

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